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Fighting Against New Coronaviruses

2020-04-16 13:23:35

The new crown pneumonia that occurred in Wuhan during the Chinese New Year in 2020 put China into a "war", but under the leadership of the entire Chinese people and the party and the great city of Wuhan, it united quickly and effectively controlled the epidemic. Now that the epidemic has spread to the whole world, this is not just a matter for China, it is also a matter for the whole world. I hope everyone will unite and fight the epidemic together. Our company is mainly based on protective products. During the epidemic period, we also followed the government's resumption requirements to regulate reasonable and safe resumption. Many of our company's foreign customers cooperate with suppliers to export some anti-epidemic materials according to customer requirements. Develop some protective equipment, and hope that people all over the world can successfully fight the epidemic together.The darness will pass,and we will usher in the dawn.When we wait for the spring to bloom,it is our time to win.

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