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Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a breakthrough technology in textile industry. As the one of the strongest fibers among aramid, carbon fiber, UHMWPE is 15 times stronger than steel thread. It is also soft and highly pliable. Materials made of UHMWPE are highly resistant to physical fatigue, abrasion and cutting, which promise great durability and long lifetime. It is also highly resistant to chemical corrosion, making it stable in face of strong acids and alkali, oxidizers and solvents. 

Tecron combines UHMWPE with conventional textile materials to enhance strength and durability, reduce weight and mass to achieve a higher level of functionality and protection. The challenges exist, for example, the material has low thermal stability and high resistance to colour dyeing. Working with raw material manufacturers spinning, weaving and  finishing mills, Tecron is finding answers…

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