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Moving Notice

2021-12-09 14:32:35

Moving Notice.

Shenzhen Tecron Safety Co., LTD. -- Shanghai Material Technology Department moved officailly in September 2021.

With the rapid development of business demand and department, we moved from the original Jingheng Building to Hongqiao Singularity Science and Innovation Park. The office area has also increased from 100 square meters to 400 square meters. We not only add multi-functional conference room and fabircs showroom, But also build a testing room.We add professional testing equipment,Such as martindale abrasion tester, hydrostatic tester, strength machine, water vapor permeability, flame retardant tester, textile waterproof machine, chemical repellency and penetration machine etc., We can test GB, EN, ISO and ASTM standards.

Innovation is a process of repeated experiments. We believe that Shanghai tecron Material Department will develop more innovative fabrics which suitable for the market with the assistance of professional equipment and various data and our joint efforts.

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